Friday, January 7, 2011

Heat shield

One day Ivan from Slavistan got a job working at the flag pole factory in 1953. He would be working for the same wage as all others. As he made his way to the factory more than likely it was over cast sleeting and in black and white. He went to his station on the line grabbed the cut out part, snatched up the mounting portion and spot welded it together. 58 years later, cold war over communism failed USSR dissolved. A guy in Wenatchee Washington 98801 USA, got a box in the mail from the Ukraine Ykpauna containing the flag pole topper that Ivan made. He took it to his shop cut the mounting part off that Ivan had made 58 years earlier and turned it into a heat shield for his Russian Pete chopper

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GeekDublD said...

Very, very good story. I read it aloud to my woman. She chuckled.