Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bridgeport sucka's

Diggie read out power feed. Went to my first auction and killed it. Phase converter 10 ball peen hammers, casters, vise grips, t handled allens and walkie talkies. Tomorrow cold saw and 4/24" belt sander. Killling it on tool sales doggies

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Went Go-Kart racing at my buddy Joeys track

Smoked Vanessa lapped her and everything. The blonde dude behing me is Duff from GNR. He lives on the river in a fancy pants area. I took the Kart he just got out of. Not on purpose just was the one closes to me. It was a Roller Derby fund raise. Fun time. If you have seen Go-Karts in the back ground at my shop their the ones we raced today

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Greg Schmitt one hella of a guy

Greg bike is done and at his home in Portland. Still waiting for Jermey Fish to be all arty on it. He's been going back and forth to Spain filming with P-rod. Just one trick and he hasn't got it in three trips. He's home now and ready to ride.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

If i saw this photo of Shaun Palmer 22 years ago i would of stared at it for hours

New digs

Still have a bunch of stuff to move. I've been going threw boxes and organizing OCD style. This place will be organized clean and bright. The old place had a lot of baggage so this new place will be a blessing. Plus it's a 3 minute drive instead of 15min drive from my house. to top it off Lowes is right across the street

Got the weirdest looks today for some reason

Moving into a new place

Got the news the day i got out of the hospital i had to be out the by the first. Well i have a new place all ready and almost done moving. Life will be good because my overhead has dropped. I'll have time for screwing around and personal projects.