Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Saturday was the Wenatchee leg of my East coast buddies annual trip

Had a good time With Alexie M.I.A snowboards /Lawyer fame J.Roche (special'79) fame and Spike Easternboarder fame. Went to Stans Merry Mart, my shop, house, Igloo and Trav's crazy over serving Karaoke bar


special'79 said...

Good to see you my friend, thanks for the crash pad! I'm still jealous of your new shop space. Hey it's spelled ROCHE, stop typing so fast. BTW, I need one of those skull tail light lenses:)

Toecutter said...

Send me your address. I would of loaded you up, i was just exitied to see you guys so much

Eastern Boarder Worcester. said...

Thanks for the board wax and the place to stay -SPK