Saturday, March 13, 2010

Couple shots of the day

Darin from Moto Galore on his new favorite bike, ok we both hate this bike. A guy traded me a awesome girder for a top end rebuild that turned into a nightmare. Got it together today tried to fire it up and the wiring caught on fire. This bike is fucked and needs a total do over. Hate having to give it back not running but i lived up to my side of the deal and did way more than agreed. I have to walk away. I hate clapped out bikes and the old it ran when i parked it.
The second shot is a single shock sportster frame that will be a cool street/ cafe racer

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Toecutter said...

The guy that owns the blue shovel told me the other day he was working on the bike put his had on the kicker to stand up pushed it down and the bike started. Damn i'm good:)