Thursday, January 21, 2010

Street tracker sucka, i get distracted easy.

Went to the shop today to get some keep the lights on work done and do a little to the Russian Pete build. Well 5 hours later no work got done and i have a new front end on my ironhead. It's a cool one i got it off my buddy Stefans bike. The funny thing is that i told him i was going to find a way to weasel it out of him. He's mocking up his hard tailed ironhead build at my shop so he had the front end on his swing arm bike. We went to put it on his pachco frame and the triple tree wasn't long enough. To make a long story short the front end on my ironhead was a later one so it fit. Anybody got an idea what it is. The brake is crazy small. and the front wheel is a spool with a small flange for the rotor. what about the oil cooler/filter anyone ?


Toecutter said...

Sidetracker is the name for this little fucker. I keep getting sidetracked with it.

Griff said...

The filter is an '80's Drag Spec item
You can see one here on my first build, back in 1982 - Griff