Monday, January 18, 2010

Harman up date

Well i got some photos of the front end i got coming in the mail. I was looking at them then i noticed that their wasn't any lower rockers. Shit!!!!! it was spost to be complete. I called the guy i bought it from and put the screws on him ( in a nice way). He was claiming that every old dude in town (sacto) swears it a early prototype with little leaf spring in the triple trees. Ok panic time!!!!!!! Called the well of knowledge CHICO D. I send him the photos and he got to work. Called executive choppers and asked Bill about it. Sent him the photos and was 80% sure that it was one of the first prototype. John Harmans brother walked in at the same time Chico was talking to Bill and confirmed that it was one of the first ever build and the hardest to find. I went from 0 to hero in an hour. Photo shoot friday when i get it. Thanks Chico for doing the ground work buddy. Wait i'm Buddy and your guy. RUSSIAN PETE


luke said...

very cool. chico's a well of knowledge?? haha. whats to become of the girder??

Toecutter said...

Going on the Russian Pete build.

Toecutter said...

Sorry the girder is a in limbo item. No home yet