Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hardtailing it bitch

I'm too tired to write make up your own description. Plus what kind of springer is this


FOE said...

Photos not that great of the springer, I'd have to guess it is an RL.

Masterlink Lee said...

Either RL or VL. Judging by the bottoms of the front legs, I'd say it's a VL. What size stem does it have? RL's had 7/8" and VL's had 1 1/8", most people change both to 1" of course. It's cool no matter which one it is. Keep that bitch. Ain't that easy to come by. I scored a VL last year and been holding onto it no matter how much my crack habit keeps telling me to sell it.

Toecutter said...

It has a bigger neck, the rockers have a 7/16th axle hole