Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Every once in awhile

you run into someone you sell something too that ends up being a total bitch. I sold a set of heads that i have been saving for a build ,but was blessed with a Genny shovel. They were, well the ones on my blog. Clean as hell and in awesome shape. He calls me yelling at me saying they were crap. He was claiming that they were aftermarket. 1 st thing here is i never claimed they were OEM heads in my description on Ebay (120639920018 item #er) he asked before he bidded for the #er's on the heads so i emailed them to him. This dude is fucked. Not to mention that the post office wanted 40 bucks for him to pickup the package. I paypaled him the 40 to shut him up. Well i did it as a refund so he's screwed now according to Paypal. I win!


Masterlink Lee said...

This is why I stopped selling shit on eBay. Too many dickhead buyers always trying to get refunds for this little scratch or that little scratch that they had to find with a fucking microscope.

Toecutter said...

The fucker just gave me my first negative feed back. Said that their counterfeit parts ,what the hell.