Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Done Finished Build over

Had to time it after a few kicks, but other than that first ride was a success. Thought i'd be clever and use a oil cap for a gas cap didn't rember that the oil cap wasn't vented. That caused a moment of fear that the charging system wasn't working. But it's all sorted out. Took it out on the highway and didn't want to turn back. It rides so smooth i was in a dream. Then i woke up and remembered it wasn't my bike. Clayton will love his new bike.


special'79 said...

Looks simply killer, TCP. I've got a '74 in the stable ready for a build right now. I'll call you to pick your brain.

wickedblockhead said...

wheres the air cleaner man? i know it rains up there. bike does look sweet.

Toecutter said...

Still in the works have it done tomorrow