Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Harman way

I just am happy to own a few of these babys. You could say i have the most famous one he built. The one on his bike in the history of the chopper and was the first one that he built for a Harley. I look at it and trip out to think he built it his senior year in high school. He had help with the welding, but in high school. I was just hurring my shit to get it on the road. The first three had leaf springs instead normal springs. I have posted about them before, but i'm getting ready to build the RP and am laying the stuff out.
1. First run of 20 Harman front end with curved rockers
2. Panhead frame. Stretched 3" and 8" up with 49 Degree rake.
3. 68 Shovelhead w/h title :)
4. 68 4 speed
5. Cheatah hump king and queen seat
6. Russian Pete's sissy bar that he made in the 60's
7. cool spool hub wheel and killer rim. Will post pic's very cool
8. Paugcho tear drop tank (Hollywood address)
9. Flat Aris head light NOS
Thats the heavy stuff.
The frame is going to be super molded. I am going to do my best to document it as i go.


Jahluv said...

Look forward to seeing your progress... you've got a great historical artifact. Looks like you're going to do it some justice.

wickedblockhead said...

hollywood address? how did you know i lived in Hollywood?

Toecutter said...

It means it's a first generation tank. Thanks again for it WB