Saturday, July 31, 2010

Flood of the decade

I live in the semi arid desert. This year has been a crazy weather year, rained here more than it has in years hot as hell then on Wednesday i was checking a tank i built for leaks and all hell broke loose. It started hailing and raining harder than i have every seen. The noise of the rain and hail hitting the roof was unbelievable. The lights came on and of a few times then i walked to my big main doors and the water was rising fast. I t will come in a little when it rains but nothing like this. After thinking this is getting bad i looked at the back roller door and water was shooting two feet in the air around the sides of it and the floor was getting deep. when i left their was 3 inches of water everywhere. Turned off the main breakers and left. The weird thing is that i had picked up everything off the floor earlyer that day. Been cleaning up the dirt film for two days now. The bright side is the shop will be cleaner than ever. Plus a Old Ghost rider came by yesterday to sell me a Knuck frame

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