Friday, May 7, 2010

Doug Byrnes at Squaw in 93

Doug was one of my best friends, i meet him in 1989 in Canada at a snowboard camp. He was from Conn., but that never stopped us from meeting up in the winter to shred. Him and his crazy posse would come every summer to Whistler to shred. Many summers and many good times. The last summer that we were all together up their Doug, with two cops parked 20' from him watched him crash his truck into a light pole 200' from are house. His sister Tricha came running into the house freaking out that she kissed a boy she liked (she was 16 at the time) We asked "WHERE IS DOUG"! she kept babbling I'm so embarrassed I'm going to die, you know stupid 16 year old girl stuff. Alexie yelled where the hell is Doug. This is the funny part. She says with out missing a beat about her girl drama " Doug crashed his truck into a light pole and was arrested and taken to jail for DWI." Then went right back 16 year old girl babble and to top it off SHE WAS IN THE BACK OF THE TRUCK. Doug passed away in i think 98. I still remember the call like it was yesterday. Good times is all i think about when i think of Doug Byrnes

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