Saturday, December 26, 2009

Update on shop!!!!!!!!!!!

Went to my moms for a visit yesterday and got a huge surprise. My step dad also has a fabrication shop. He laid everybody off and was going to sell off his equipment and close the doors. He has many irons in the fire so its not a big deal too him. He freaking told me that i can have the key and take it over! MIG TIG FIG welders Mills lathes press brake shear heated paint booth, even has a industrial sewing machine their. Huge paved lot with locked gate parking. Needs some tlc the guys that worked their were not very clean. Have sealed the deal yet but this week it should be done. The place even comes with a steady flow of work. Won't be running like a 9-5 just keep it easy going. He just wants somebody on call so to say to build replacement parts for the machinery that he has built for people in the past. Time to be loud and not worry about the neighbors


special'79 said...

Holy crap, talk about perfect timing. I should move out there.

Toecutter said...

I clear out a room for yah